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The Company

Our Mission:

To improve how clients experience and advisors deliver financial advice.


We believe in

• Comprehensive experience, not just investments

• Creative advice, not financial products

• Accessibility and balance

• Reasonable, transparent fees

• Growing with our clients and advisors

• Giving back and paying forward

While the majority of our clients’ situations merit regular, recurring meetings, we believe a client who needs us to put a game plan together early on and will not need us again until further down the road should have a home at PR Squared Wealth Management. We can provide substantial value for clients who are in the early phases of growing their net worth. We have a program tailored for clients that helps create a financial plan for them. This is also particularly helpful with children or other family members of existing clients.


As it relates to our advisors, we have all received help building our careers, and it is essential we help others do the same in order to perpetuate the change that is needed in our industry.

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